How Credit Management Works

In just 3 easy steps!

Are you looking for a reputable credit management service? Look no further than Duran Personal Credit in Bakersfield! 

Your credit score is very important because it can determine your financial future. More specifically, your credit rating can affect whether or not you can obtain: A mortgage, a car loan, a credit card, a school loan, etc. A lender may also use your score to calculate the rate you get for a loan; the lower the scores, the higher the interest rate you’ll be charged. So over time, maintaining good scores can save you lots of money. Lenders look at your report as a prediction of how likely you are to make your payments and make them on time.

At Duran Personal Credit we’ll work with you step by step on how to not only improve your credit by analyzing your credit report and helping you to remove the inaccurate marks that are impacting your credit score, but we’ll show you how to budget yourself to make sure you keep your score up.

1. Credit Evaluation

Analyze your credit report

The first step is a full credit review. This will allow us to pin point the items on your credit report that might be hurting your credit score. Our Credit Analysts will give you a thorough review of your credit report line by line so we can find the best program for you. In many cases credit reports can have questionable and inaccurate marks on a consumer’s credit report that can be holding back a score. These items can be but are not limited to: Old settled debt that is still reporting open, Identity Fraud, Accounts that do not belong to the consumer, Mistaking Identity, etc.

2. Set a Goal

Devise a plan

Our Credit Specialists will devise a game plan to stick to so we can clear up your credit issues in a timely manner. Remember that persistence and focus are what wield results. It is important to let Duran Personal Credit know if you have a particular time that you need your credit cleared up.

3. Get Results

Increase your score

Time for the results! Once we receive the results of our first round of work with the credit bureaus we do a re-pull of your credit together to see how much your score has increased. If your score goals have not been reached at the end of the first rounds of investigations, we will initiate another round of investigations based on the new key information we have gathered until the desired results are achieved. Duran Personal Credit does not guarantee score results.

Get Started.

Please feel free to contact us with any credit related questions you may have.  We are always happy to help!